Our Natural Philosophy:

Deliver REAL Plants, REAL Essences, REAL Power.

We take great pride in our service. Our philosophy, use organic ingredients that produce amazing results. The market contains many products that claim to be natural and safe. The back label tells another story. Half the ingredients you cannot pronounce. Natural health and beauty products should not be a guessing game. The ingredients should be easy to understand.

Homegrown and made in the USA. Our Lavender Ranch™ products come from REAL farmers and Distillers in our own backyard. Our mission; to produce natural and safe lavender products using a simple process. Natural and safe!

We know what goes on your body, goes in your body. Which is why we create products that are free of toxins and harmful chemicals. Our blending techniques capture the true power & essence of Mother Nature.

Combining an old-world process with a twist of new-world. We seek to produce products that compliment your lifestyle. Our wide assortment of Lavender Ranch™ products surprise many. From beauty-skin products to delicious spices, there’s a lot you can do with lavender.

Enjoy the simple pleasures you deserve, add some Lavender Ranch™ to your life.


Certified Organic Lavender

We pride ourselves on producing quality health and beauty products that utilize Certified Organic Botanicals & Essential Oils. That means no harmful chemical fragrances and no toxins. Just simple traditional ingredients grown, harvested and distilled on our ranch. Made with the highest quality Essential Oil blends, experience gentle and safe products that are Vegan friendly and safe for children use.

Get Rejuvenated


This bright, summery aroma of lemon and sweet orange will excite and energize the senses.

Find Invigorate


Blend of calming Lavender and uplifting Sweet Orange to center your focus and boost your mood.

Find Refresh


Rose geranium, lemon verbena, & bay laurel helps raise energy, calm fears, and inspire creativity.

Find Renew


Peppermint and rosemary will heighten mental alertness and inspire self confidence.

Find Soothe


Experience true relaxation with the enticing
yet tranquil aroma of lavender.

Find Lavender