Real Blossoms, Real Purity, Real Essence. Lavender Ranch™ uses all natural and safe ingredients within their beauty and health products. Find body soaps, liquid washes, lotions, essential oils, moisturizers, hand sanitziers, bath salts, lavender blossoms, sugar, CAL RISO/ROSA Rice, Bouquets and more. Available in five different relaxing formulas, Invigorate, Refresh, Renew, Soothe and Lavender. All natural ingredients and 100% Certified Organic. Grown, harvested, and distilled by Lavender Ranch in Bayliss California. Free shipping on orders over $75.

Certified Organic Lavender

We pride ourselves on producing quality health and beauty products that are recognized as Certified Organic. That means no harmful chemicals and no toxins. Just simple traditional ingredients grown, harvested and distilled on our ranch. Made with the highest quality of lavender blends, experience gentle and safe products that are Vegan friendly and safe for children use.

Get Rejuvenated


This bright, summery aroma of lemon and sweet orange will excite and energize the senses.

Find Invigorate


Blend of calming Lavender and uplifting Sweet Orange to center your focus and boost your mood.

Find Refresh


Rose geranium, lemon verbena, & bay laurel helps raise energy, calm fears, and inspire creativity.

Find Renew


Peppermint and rosemary will heighten mental alertness and inspire self confidence.

Find Soothe


Experience true relaxation with the enticing
yet tranquil aroma of lavender.

Find Lavender

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Lavender Ranch™

Lavender Ranch offers a wide variety of health and beauty products are Certified Organic. All ingredients derived from real blossoms, creating purity and essence. Grown locally in Bayliss California, we harvest and distill our own lavender blends. Vegan friendly, our formulas are all-natural and contain no toxins or harmful chemicals. Perfect bath & body gift ideas, including, culinary compliments and aromatic home essentials. Five relaxation styles to choose from; Invigorate, Refresh, Renew, Soothe, and Lavender. Rejuvenate your mind and body explore the health benefits of lavender.